Man’s Best Friend

Our four-legged friends are a very big deal at The Joiners Arms, where our breathtaking coast and country is heaven on earth for any creature with fur, four legs and a wet nose.


From Dachshunds to Dalmatians, Chihuahuas to Catahoula leopard dogs (yes, really!), we love them all.


Please contact our booking team to find out exactly how we can look after you and your k9 companion, which rooms we can offer you and all the little extras we have for you and your pooch to feel truly pampered.


We would love for you and your canine friend to stay over here at The Joiners Arms in one of our dog-friendly rooms.

Our Pooch Policy

The majority of staff and customers here at The Joiners Arms are very fond of dogs. We can provide bowls brimming with water, or for the adventurous we also supply a range of dog beers, available in beef or chicken. However, not all people are dog lovers, some even have a fear or allergies. So due to the increased number of four legged customers, we’ve introduced this code of conduct so that everyone can relax and feel comfortable.


In an attempt to reach a happy medium, we would appreciate if these guidelines were followed:

  • Dog should be accompanied by their owners at all times, both in and outside the pub.
  • When inside please keep your dog on a lead and off the furniture
  • Please do not allow your dog to jump up at anyone
  • If your dog is barking, please attempt to quiet them
  • You may be asked to take your dog outside due to incessant barking
  • Aggressive dogs will not be tolerated


Our hope is that by implementing these guidelines we can create a warm welcoming atmosphere for all our customers, both four-legged and two!